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Diam Bouchage,

labelled an “Innovative Company”  (label BPI France).


Leader in the manufacturing of technological corks, Diam Bouchage is a subsidiary of Oeneo, a group dedicated to serving the wine industry through two activities: cooperage (Seguin Moreau) & closures (Diam Bouchage)


Group Oeneo

Cooperage Seguin Moreau - Groupe Oeneo Diam logo - Cork Closure Solution


Diam Bouchage manufactures and markets technological cork closures for still wines (DIAM), sparkling wines (MYTIK) and spirits (ALTOP).

Since 2003, the company has invested in a revolutionary and patented process called DIAMANT ® process, exploiting the properties of supercritical CO2 to extract the volatile compounds of cork and eliminate the risk of “cork taint.”


Diam International Finishing centers Map .jpg



A worldwide presence

The company has two major industrial sites (San Vicente de Alcantara and Ceret), situated in the heart of cork producing regions, and several finishing centers close to principal wine regions.




Diam Bouchage key figures


• More than one billion closures are sold each year throughout the world

• Strong growth of +18% in the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

• 350 employees in France, Spain, Italy, US…

• And last but not least: 10.000 clients, in 55 countries.