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22 March 2017

Origine by Diam, innovation at the service of Nature

Origine by Diam, innovation at the service of Nature

Twelve years after launching the DIAMANT® technological process, Diam Bouchage once again revolutionises the wine world with a major technological breakthrough: a closure that reconciles science and nature.


“Innovation brings us ever closer to nature.” This conviction led Diam Bouchage to propose a new closure benefiting from all the advantages characteristic of Diam closures, dedicated to sustainable development and respect for the environment. 
For several years now, our R&D department has been working with an ever-increasing awareness of environmental issues. The optimisation of manufacturing processes or the use of new raw materials is studied in the context of continuous improvement and sustainable development. 
Today, after several years of research on natural ingredients, Diam Bouchage proposes a new revolutionary product for the wine sector. By means of a new formulation for the production of its closures, the company offers the world of wine an ever more natural corking solution while maintaining the recognised reliability of Diam closures in terms of safety, homogeneity and oxygen control: 

A cork closure known as Origine by Diam® incorporates a beeswax emulsion and a binder composed of 100% vegetable polyols. 
This new technology is the culmination of research that combines permeability (Oxygen Transfer Rate) and the natural environment. It meets the demand of the brand’s customers concerning their premium wines, to create closures with more open permeability while maintaining a long shelf life; suitable for laying-down wines. It will initially be proposed on Diam 10 and Diam 30 closures.


The use of beeswax is one of the company’s eco-responsible practices. Diam Bouchage has also invested in the support of the association ‘Un toit pour les abeilles’ – ‘A roof for bees’, by sponsoring beehives in different French wine regions. 
It is also this new ingredient that gave its name to the Origine by Diam® range. The pollination carried out by the bees is indeed the foundation of the biodiversity of our planet. Oxygen; is at the origin of the life cycle of our cork oaks and therefore our corks! 

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