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Clean - Choice - Consistency


Sensorial neutrality for the perfect preservation of your wines.


Different permeabilities to meet the specific characteristics of each wine.


A manufacturing process mastered for consistency, bottle to bottle, year after year.

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All the advantages of cork, without the inconveniences


Trusted companions of fine wines, Diam, Mytik Diam and Altop closures help maintain an incomparable sensorial purity and ensure consistency throughout the life of bottled wine.

Choosing Diam Cork offers your consumers the guarantee of enjoying the purest result of the winemakers’ work, bottle after bottle, year after year.

For every wine it’s Diam:

Discover all our products, Diam for still wines, Mytik Diam for sparkling wines and Altop for spirits with options in permeability, dimensions, and branding.  Find the closure that best suits your needs.

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