"You say Diam, I say yes!"
"You say Diam, I say yes!"

Testimonials from our customers around the world

Cork is at the heart of our ecological commitments

For more than 10 years, Diam Bouchage has been involved alongside forestry professionals to protect, revitalize and enhance the cork industry around the Mediterranean.

You say Diam, I say yes!

A few days ago, our ‘You say Diam, I say yes!’ campaign celebrated its first birthday. The perfect opportunity for us to unveil our very latest video produced by the Quai des Lunes agency.

Best of 2018: glowing testimonials from our clients

Thank you all for your loyalty and the trust you place in us!

Ludgar Veit - Weingut Ludger Veit (Germany)

"Our bottled wine is clean, clear and magnificent. The taste of the wine also remains the same several years after the bottling."